5 habits that prevent weight loss


Most people who get in touch with me want to lose weight. More often than not, they feel like they have tried many ways to lose the weight, with varying degrees of success. One of the things I do as a Personal Trainer and Coach is to help people identify their habits that don’t contribute to weight loss. Here are the five most common behaviours that prevent sustainable weight loss:

1. You eat too many calories for the amount of activity you do on an ongoing basis. This accumulation of excess calories from food and drink and lack of activity causes a positive energy balance, which will cause weight gain. The goal is to create a negative energy balance, which will result in weight loss. 

2. You do not eat in a sustainable, consistent way to create an energy deficit. It’s not almost starving yourself during the week and then binging at the weekend. All the deficit that you’ve built up during the week can be wiped out by one day, especially if you are overeating highly calorific, low density food such as pizza, ice cream, burgers, alcohol, soft drinks, etc.

3. You eat consistently week to week, but you don’t exercise consistently. If you eat the same number of calories each week, but one week you do four gym sessions and the next week you don’t do any, you can negate your weight loss and over the two weeks you may not lose any weight. 

4. You are ‘good’ all week but you unknowingly overeat. We often judge a food to be ‘healthy’ and then consume it in large quantities, i.e. avocado or orange juice or coconut oil. While these foods have great benefits, eating them in large quantities can impair your energy balance, thus causing weight gain. 

5. You do not know how to get yourself feeling full and satisfied whilst and maintaining an energy deficit. Being hungry, is an unpleasant state for a lot of us to be in. Eating protein with every meal, as well as fibrous single-ingredient foods like fruit and vegetables will help to keep yourself full whilst staying within an energy deficit .

So how can we help at Liverpool Personal Training Studios

  • We can help you create an energy deficit by educating you about how to eat and exercise optimally to lose weight around your busy lifestyle.
  • We can educate you how to eat, in an weekly energy deficit by using tools to keep you on track to reach your fitness and health goals.
  • Give you the opportunity to train 3-4 times a week consistently with a range of classes, Personal Training or semi private training options to fit into your schedule. 
  • We will educate you and recommended the right amounts of certain foods that you enjoy to eat and can include in your weekly eating plan.
  • We will provide recipes, meals and food recommendations which will help you stay full and help you stay with your negative energy balance in a consistent manner.


If you feel like you have tried every weight loss trick without sustainable results,  you might find it helpful to take a closer look at your daily habits and change some of them. If you want some guidance on how to do this, get in touch