I am a self-motivated, energetic, conscientious, organised and reliable coach who has been working in the industry for over 8 years. I believe that the main aim of a Coaching/Personal Trainer is to ensure that each and every client has the opportunity to reach their individual potential and to motivate and help them reach their fitness and health goals. I also feel a responsibility to educate my clients with the skills and knowledge so they can live a healthy, active, sustainable and happy lifestyle.

Throughout my life I have had a passion for sport and have had the opportunity to play Rugby and Cricket to a very high standard. During my school career I played Rugby and Cricket and represented the North Of England in both sports at a number of age groups. Whilst playing, I took a keen interest in conditioning and sports specific training. I studied at Manchester Metropolitan University where I trained to become a Physical Education and Geography teacher. Whilst studying I joined Waterloo Rugby Club where I played for the First XV in the national leagues for a number of seasons. Through playing at Waterloo FC I was selected to represent Lancashire. I gained a number of caps and was involved in the County Championship winning side in 2005. During my last seasons at Waterloo I was involved with the team’s conditioning which gave me my first taste in working with adults in a fitness environment. I left Waterloo in 2006 and joined Caldy Rugby Club, where I played for three years in a successful side, which was promoted into the National Leagues.

Whilst playing Rugby I hurt my back which forced me to retire and with over 12 years of teaching in a range of schools I wanted a new challenge and a change in career, so I decided to make my passion of training into my profession.

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The fulfilment that I gain from helping someone achieve their goals, be they an elite athlete or a stay-at-home-mum in her 30s, is what drives me. I believe that anyone can effect positive change if they put their mind to it, and I’m there to do my upmost to ensure that every person I work with will become a happier, more confident, and healthier person.

The majority of my training in the early part of my fitness life was specific to Cricket and Rugby. When my sporting careers ended I changed my focus to specialise more in physique development and specific training to encourage fat loss. As my training changed (with my own physique) my natural hunger for competition kicked in and I entered a Miami Pro Muscle Model Competition. I got the bug for being on stage and have competed with UKBFF for the past 3 years which i have throughly enjoyed. As well as enjoying the experience of competition prep, I have learnt so much and have really grasped the concept of how training volume and diet affects the body, the importance of a goal setting and how essential it is to have a work/life/training balance; all of which I encourage my clients to understand and adopt.

Qualifications & Education

I qualified as a WABBA Senior Personal Trainer under the guidance of Alan Runacres and Scott Burton. My time as a coach and a teacher has given me vast experience of working with both adults and children in practical oriented environments. I have taught pupils across a wide range of ages, abilities, needs and behaviours. This has helped me to develop various teaching styles and techniques to ensure that I can transfer teaching skills with children to adults effectively.

My teaching and coaching experience has allowed me to also develop excellent communication and motivational skills, which I believe are essential in this profession. I attend seminars on nutrition, fat loss and training methods every 3-4 months to keep my knowledge up to date. I have recently finished a 12 month course with The Shredded by Science Academy on The Foundation of Excellence, Coaching for Physique Athletes, Coaching for Powerlifting and Long Term Fat Loss. I am now training to be a qualified and insured Nutritionist with Martin Macdonald’s MAC UNI. Knowledge and understanding is key to getting results and I believe the more I know and learn, the greater the quality of service I can deliver to my clients.

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So far I have lost weight which was the main thing for me, but not only am I losing weight, I am enjoying life too. Dave has taught me that you can still have your cake and eat it and taught me about balance i.e. you can have a drink on a social occasion and you can still lose weight. He made me understand everyone is different and it's about knowing your body and knowing what works for you; adapting your food and drink intake to reach your own goals. Dave helped me massively as my relationship with food was so bad for such a long time. I have developed some muscles which I never thought I would ever see, I have realised the weight section in the gym isn't a men only zone and I have created a lifestyle to suit me. I have become stronger, but the two important things to me are: I am now a happier, healthier version of myself and that makes me feel amazing.
I was starving my body to the point where it was clinging on to every bit of fat it could! Dave has taught me that you don't have to starve and kill yourself in the gym to get where you want to be. I eat more than I ever have and never train for more than 50 mins and have achieved the results I wanted. Dave is a really lovely guy and makes you feel instantly at ease in the gym and his coaching has got me to the point where I feel confident enough to go to the gym and train on my own. I'm no longer intimidated!
I decided to get a personal trainer because I had been overweight for many years. As I was approaching 40 I finally decided that I wanted to make some changes and I understood that if they were going to work, they had to be sustainable in the long term. I’ve lost over 4½ stone and dramatically improved my fitness, strength and flexibility beyond all recognition. As I had been overweight from childhood, I had literally never been able to run for more than about 30 seconds in my entire life. A couple of years ago I entered a 5k race and then ran in a 10K event the year after.

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