Dave helped me massively as my relationship with food was so bad for such a long time. I have developed some muscles which I never thought I would ever see and I have created a lifestyle to suit me. I have become stronger, but the two important things to me are: I am now a happier, healthier version of myself and that makes me feel amazing.
I’ve lost over 4½ stone and dramatically improved my fitness, strength and flexibility beyond all recognition. It has completely altered my perception of myself and my conception about what is possible for me. My confidence and self-esteem have risen dramatically.
Dave is a really lovely guy and makes you feel instantly at ease in the gym and his coaching has got me to the point where I feel confident enough to go to the gym and train on my own. I'm no longer intimidated!
Dave has completely changed my belief system about energy balance and how to fuel my body for exercise and fat loss. He didn't just tell me, he proved it time and time again in my training and the results speak for themselves.
When I come to the gym it's my time where I can focus just on me. Dave helps to push me physically to reach new goals. And I always leave feeling great and ready for the day.
Dave is brilliant at holding you accountable and keeping you on track and motivated when life gets busy. I'm in better shape now than I was before I had kids!
Dave is by far the friendliest PT and is genuinely concerned about my welfare and me achieving my goals! I have achieved a an excellent balance between training and my nutritional requirements but more importantly I am consistent with my efforts and (as a result) my outputs!
Since training with Dave I have found much more spare time in my day – I now only train for 45 minutes rather than the 90 minutes I did previously on my own. I have seen better results by training less but harder! My strength has increased dramatically and my physical conditioning is better than it has ever been.
The coaching by Dave is brilliant, each session something slightly different whether it be a change in exercise, weight, format. I do exercises I never thought I could, lift weights that seem ridiculous, but the enjoyment and fulfilment I get when I complete a session is addictive.
I am now a keen food planner and fitting training and meals around my lifestyle is a surprisingly enjoyable challenge. I'm finding the satisfaction with my training is having a great effect on my mood and making sure I'm resting and eating well is helping me feel much more energetic.
The main reasons why diets in the past haven’t worked for me is boredom, excuses, not being happy with what I was eating and being told to always do cardio in the gym. His training techniques, knowledge both nutritional and physical, teaching ability, positive attitude to training, ability to understand what is expected of him in terms my goals and banter are all what makes it a great experience each time I train with DMC.
Dave also maintains contact with his clients throughout the week in a way that works best for you.  Dave will whatsapp, text, email, voxer and monitor your food daily at times if necessary to remind you to stay on track with diet, drink water or just find out how the gym sessions are going.  He really cares about making sure his clients hit their goals and has the patience of a saint!



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